Masonry Cleaning Service in Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Conshohocken, PA & Wilmington, DE


Cleaning is not just for cosmetic purposes but also it is an important factor in maintaining and preserving your property. By removing all dirt pollution and harmful matter from the masonry allowing the structure to breath and release moisture at a natural rate. Mara technicians are trained in various methods applied to all stone and brick to obtain the desired result.


Exterior Masonry Cleaning

When your stone, concrete, or brick has a rough, porous surface, everything tends to stick to it. Mud, leaves, insect debris, hard water, and more can cover your masonry and make it look dirty and unprofessional. And when your office or complex looks unprofessional, you won’t attract as many customers. After all, customers want to work with businesses that exude thoroughness in all they do.

Unfortunately, you may not have the tools necessary to make your masonry pristine again. That’s where Mara Restoration comes in. When you choose us for commercial masonry cleaning services, you’ll feel astounded at the change in your building’s appearance.

Whether you require stone, concrete, or brick cleaning, we have the experience and the skill to perform a thorough washing. We won’t leave any debris behind, regardless of how long it has sat there or how much space it covers. A clean exterior does more than add to your office’s cosmetic appearance. It also allows the structure to breathe and release moisture. As a result, your building will last longer and continue to protect your business for years to come.