The Mara Restoration team has extensive experience in property preservation. From brick/stone pointing to waterproofing and everything in between. We are committed to superior workmanship and utilizing contemporary methods for the best possible results. We have expanded our leadership team to include a mix of existing leaders from Mara Restoration and members of Jamison Masonry Restoration, post-acquisition.



Stephen Weihing –  President

Stephen is a graduate of the University of Phoenix where he studied Business and Mangement. His career started in construction recruiting in San Francisco, CA where he worked for a construction staffing firm. Climbing the corporate ladder, he made a move to Seattle, WA for two years and then to Philadelphia, PA.  In 2002, Stephen left the staffing company and joined a large mechanical contracting firm near Doylestown, PA as their in-house recruiter and human resource manager.  In five years, he helped them grow from a firm of 125 employees to over 500. Stephen joined Mara Restoration in 2007 and continues to expand the company as President of Mara Restoration.

Steve Stoughton – Vice President

Steve spearheads our “Clients for Life” initiative, and focuses primarily on clients seeking a customer service-oriented approach to masonry restoration problem solving. Steve comes from 28 years of experience within the construction industry. He is a graduate of Temple University where he studied Finance and Construction Engineering and Technology. He has been affiliated with a number of trade associations, where he served in various capacities as chairman, board member and mentor.


Andrew Thomas – V.P. of Sales and Estimating

Andrew has spent most of his life working in the construction field.  His college background was in Architecture and Civil Engineering Technology at Spring Garden College, Temple University and the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. Since joining Jamison in 1998, Andrew has held several field positions and has methodically moved up the ranks to become our Sales and Estimating Manager whose responsibilities include all day to day operations for commercial, industrial and institutional properties, as well as client development. He has years of direct field experience in masonry restoration and comprehensive knowledge of the building envelope and the investigation of water infiltration.  This in conjunction with a considerable college background enables him to oversee all consultation, troubleshooting, and on-site quality control supervision.  His participation in continuing education programs and trade seminars ensures his ability to stay on the leading edge in masonry restoration technology.


Jim Jamison – Estimating Consultant

Jim is a consultant with Mara Restoration, rounding out and strengthening the existing team with over forty-five years of hands on experience in the masonry restoration industry. After years of owning and operating the family business Jim retired, however, he soon became restless and began work as a consultant.  His direct field experience and expert technical knowledge enables him to oversee all consultation, troubleshooting, and on-site quality control field supervision. Jim’s dedication and superior masonry skills are a major contributing factor for his continued business success and his participation in continuing education programs insure his ability to stay on the leading edge of masonry restoration technology.


Mike DellaVecchio – Sales and Estimating

Mike is a construction veteran with 20 years of industry experience.  Starting his career as a laborer in his family’s business, he quickly moved up the ranks to apprentice and journeyman mechanic. He advanced again to project foreman before making the career change to estimator project manager. Mike is an outstanding addition to the Mara Restoration team.


Steve Lykens – Sales and Estimating

Steve is a seasoned veteran of the masonry restoration and building preservation industry.  After spending five years in the US Navy, he joined a waterproofing and roofing company where he worked first as a laborer, climbing the ranks to become the senior superintendent. He went on to fill sales, estimator and project management roles and later managed the entire concrete and masonry division for a DC outfit.  Before joining Mara in 2015, he worked as a waterproofing consultant. His hands-on skills and extensive management experience should prove to be a valuable asset for the growing Mara team.


Ed DeLeon – Production Manager

Ed graduated from Williamson Trade School in 1994 and immediately joined Jamison Contractors, working with Frank and Jim Jamison and Patty McNamara for the first seven years of his career in the masonry restoration field.  He left Jamison in 2000 to join BAC Local 1, where he spent several years expanding and refining his skills. He re-joined Frank and Patty in 2014, working for Mara as a journeyman and later a foreman.  In 2015, he agreed to take on the position of Production Manager, enabling him to support the growing field ranks from apprentice to foreman; ensuring a high level of quality and safety on every project.


Rodney Reiff – Foreman

Rodney has more than eighteen years of field experience in the masonry restoration and preservation industry.  He is a graduate of North Penn High School, and also attended the North Montgomery County Vocational School where he first received training in the masonry trade.  Rodney has worked for the Jamisons for most of his career – starting when he graduated in 1996.  Rodney served time as an apprentice and journeyman masonry restoration mechanic, and is now one of our project foremen. Rodney and all of our foremen, listed below, have continued their education professionally by engaging in courses at the New York City Brickwork Design Center, FMI seminars covering project management, job profits, and total quality management.  He received a Masters Certificate in Concrete Repair from the World of Concrete and has attended various training and certification seminars held by material and equipment manufacturers, including: Jahn, Prosoco, Conproco, Hilti, Powers, Sika, Tremco and many others.


Jim Greco – Foreman

Jim has over 25 years of masonry restoration and historical preservation experience. He started studying architecture and blueprint reading at Montco Technical Career Center and then quickly found his passion in masonry.  Graduating in 1987, he went right to work as a mason gaining knowledge and skill in multiple areas including concrete and stucco. Jim worked his way up to foreman through hard work and dedication.  He joined Mara in 2011 and is an essential part of our operations team.




Bob Niccolucci – Foreman

Bob has nearly fifteen years of field experience in the masonry industry.  He is a graduate of North Penn High School, and also attended three years at the North Montgomery County Vocational School, where he studied masonry.  Bob worked for the first half of his career doing new masonry work. He came to work for Jamison in 2008 and has broadened his talents to include the additional skills of a restoration mason.  He has been a foreman for since 2010.



Antonio Mercado – Foreman

Antonio has been in the masonry restoration field for over 20 years. He started his career as a laborer in 1995 and through a family member joined the Pointer, Caulkers, and Cleaners union in 2000. It was noted immediately that his skills surpassed his experience and he quickly moved up the ranks of journeyman mechanic to foreman. As a foreman Antonio excels at maintaining a safe and productive job site. His experience and work ethic enable him to complete all job assignments in the most timely and efficient
manner. He has attained all required certifications and continually stays abreast of the newest products and methods. Antonio enjoys being a father and spending time with his family. When time permits, he enjoys working on cars.


Sandro Ruiz – Foreman

After fulfilling a stint in the Marines, Sandro was looking to start a career, and joined the Pointers, Caulkers &;Cleaners union in 2011. Fulfilling the apprenticeship program, and taking every course made available to him through the union, he has certifications in OSHA 30, scaffold erection, forklift, high reach, and swing stage equipment, as well as blue print reading. In 2014 Sandro accepted a position with Mara Restoration and is considered a valuable asset by his employers and co-workers. In his free time, Sandro enjoys spending time with his family, going on sightseeing tours, or hands on activities.